The best online project management tools for your business

The best online project management tools for your business

The traditional methods of project management just aren’t good enough anymore. Typing information into spreadsheets, using word processing software to compile notes, and recording meeting minutes on paper are tasks that take an enormous amount of time. According to the PMI’s report: The revolutionary advancement of 2017 is that 83% of executive leaders understood the value of project management, and 95% of them are willing to test out a single, cloud-hosted system instead of building and maintaining few of them. Most importantly, cloud-hosted project management is now touted as the most cost-effective option for any business, with lots of customization tricks that would help adopt it. If you feel intimidated by advanced multi-functional software and don’t have special training, the following project management tools will be ideal for you…


Asana project management

Asana is the easiest way to manage team projects and tasks. It gives you everything you need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach your goals. Set up projects using Lists, Boards, Calendar, and Timeline. Share details, set deadlines, delegate tasks—and get work done. Follow projects and tasks through every stage. You know where work stands and can keep everyone aligned on the team’s objectives. Create visual project plans to see how every step maps out over time. Pinpoint risks and eliminate roadblocks, even when plans change. This is one of the intuitive project management software out there.

Jira Core

Jira core project management

Managing projects and tasks in Jira Core starts with a workflow. Workflows define your process and enable your team to track tasks. Task management is easier with statuses, comments, and attachments in one place. Everyone knows a project’s details at a glance without having to email or set up a meeting. Plus, with notifications, you’ll know when your attention is needed. How many tasks are still in progress? Which team member has too much on their plate? Using Jira Core, you can follow the status of your team’s projects in different ways: with a quick overview, customized dashboards, or even a pre-defined report. Add a calendar view and you’re set.


Wrike project management

Cloud-based collaboration and project management software that scales across teams in any business. View real-time reports and status for all of your team’s projects. Easily turn strategy into an actionable plan to achieve success. Centralize communication with stakeholders while maintaining full context. Flexibility to support, manage and track your team’s approach to work. Keep your priorities straight and your goals in sight. Customize dashboards so you only see what you want to see. Deliver more reliable results and utilize resources more effectively using our interactive Gantt chart, Resource Allocation, and Templates. Discuss project and task details with the full context of the work. Tag images and videos to provide specific feedback. Share interactive reports, and schedule notifications on a regular basis. Custom workflows, fields and project folder structures let you work the way you want to.


Basecamp project management

Basecamp organizes your communication, projects, and client work together so you have a central source of truth. This software brings everything your company’s working on under one roof. Organized, centralized, and clear so everyone knows what to do, everyone knows where things stand, and everyone can get what they need without having to ask around all the time. The home screen gives you a 10,000ft view of everything that’s happening across your whole business. You get an “HQ” for company-wide communication, dedicated spaces for your teams to work together, and private places to manage your company’s projects.Therefore, You’ll feel back in control when you can see everything organized on a single screen like this.

Zoho Project Management

Zoho project management

Milestones, task lists, and tasks help you organize complex projects into easily manageable units. Get more refined control with subtasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies. Gantt charts provide a detailed visual of the schedule and progress of your tasks. The Gantt also supports all four dependency types helping you define and manage task relationships better. Therefore, employees, clients, vendors, or consultants, from near or far can work together with this collaboration tools. Everyone working on a project can easily log their billable and non-billable hours using timesheets. The built-in integration with Zoho Invoice automatically generates invoices from timesheets. Log issues and track them as they get fixed and tested. Define custom workflows and business rules. Track code changes made in GitHub and Bitbucket. Make sure your team always has access to the latest version of all project documents. Work together on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets using our online document tools.


Trello project management

Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. Dive into the details by adding comments, attachments, and more directly to Trello cards. Collaborate on projects from beginning to end. Most importantly, whether it’s for work, a side project or even the next family vacation, Trello helps your team stay organized. Integrate the apps your team already uses directly into your workflow. Power-Ups turn Trello boards into living applications to meet your team’s unique business needs.

Do you have any great online project management tool in mind? Share your experience with us.

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